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Published on June 19th, 2020 | by Patricia


Getting Exceptional Teeth Care: Normal or Electric toothbrush?

We all wish to have the brightest smile, and all this without visiting the dentist’s office too much. That is easy to understand, since going to the dentist is not the most pleasant thing to do for many of us. But that also means that the power is entirely in our hands to keep our teeth clean, healthy and properly cared for if we wish to avoid the dentist. So a question hovers over the minds of many people. And that is which is best to use, normal or electric toothbrush? Is electric toothbrush so great or is it another caprice of the modern society? It is something I was about to find out since I decided to switch my normal toothbrush with an electric one and see the differences.

Probably the first advantage I found, for using an electric toothbrush, is saving time. The fast rotating bristles of the electric toothbrush does the job in a lesser time with very little effort. I used to brush my teeth for quite a while with a regular brush until I had the sensation that they were properly cleaned. This reminds me of the lack of patience our youngest family members have when it comes to teeth brushing. Yes, a child might find this process boring and unattractive. But with an electric toothbrush, everything goes on faster, the teeth as cleaned well, and it is fun also. So this might be an excellent option for busy people or parents with children that don’t embrace teeth brushing to well.

I also noticed that it can help me clean the most inaccessible areas of my mouth without too much effort on my side. I just had to position it accordingly, and the pulsating and rotating head did all the job. It was awkward to move my hand so little while brushing, but the results were extremely satisfactory with the electric toothbrush. Still, I cannot completely denigrate the normal toothbrush since you can get flawless results with it as well. All you need to two is to know the correct methods of brushing your teeth, to clean them for about two minutes and use dental floss to make sure every debris is removed. Yes, it may take a bit longer, but the results are done in the same exceptional manner. The most important thing though is that dentist recommends you using electric toothbrush as it removes double the plague and prevents gum disease. And when you think about that, think about this: gum disease is not causing problem only for your teeth, it’s also a risk factor for other diseases like diabetes. If you want to see what electric toothbrush I recommend, check out this list of 5 best toothbrushes.

Something I am not used to yet, and I find it a bit uncomfortable, is to make sure the electric toothbrush is permanently charged. It is very disappointing to realize your toothbrush is not working in a day you waked up a bit later, and you’re in a rush to get to work. It is a situation you will appreciate manual brushes more. Also, since the price of an electric brush is about three times higher than a regular one, I can’t imagine dropping it on the floor. It could be a burden for the family budget in case family members are rather clumsy. Not to mention that the head of the toothbrush should be replaced after three months, just like in the case of a regular brush. So an electric toothbrush can be great, but I still have a packed normal toothbrush as well, just in case.

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