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Published on July 4th, 2020 | by Patricia


Your Gum Therapist: The Electric Toothbrush

If you want to flash those pearly whites, you should be aware that it requires a lot more than just tending to your teeth, but also giving some tender loving care to those tender gums. It is vital to keep the gums healthy in order to prevent gum diseases that may cause your teeth to fallout.

The Right Way to Brush

Besides healthy living and good oral hygiene, experts agree that there is a proper way of brushing.   This involves a lot of factors such as brushing for at least 2 minutes, gently cleaning near the gum line using short gentle strokes, cleaning those hard to reach areas including the inner and outer surface of the teeth, and more importantly, massaging the gums to improve blood circulation and promote tougher gums. Incorrect brushing may lead to gum diseases, and when gum diseases are left untreated, they may result to tooth loss – and this matter is nothing to smile about.

Though you can massage your gums manually, there is a product in the market that can ease that task and be your next best friend in the world of oral hygiene: an electric toothbrush. It may not be a new thing for most of you. In fact, it has already become a trend. The underlying question is, can it really replace the task of your good old manual toothbrush? Now, I have answered that question for myself here, but let’s dig in a little deeper.

A lot of people prefer an electric toothbrush mainly because they are not always conscious about how long they have been brushing their teeth or if they are maintaining the proper speed and strokes. That’s what’s so great about these electric brushes. Some of them come with timers and massage modes to ease your choppers’ woes. You wouldn’t even have to worry about your brushing stroke’s consistency and intensity because these brushes can take care of that, too.

One great feature that these electric brushes have is that they offer features like gum massaging, which has been proven to improve gum health in a matter of a few weeks’ use. So why is it important to massage the gums? Well, there are some instances that your gums may be swollen or inflamed due to bacteria build up. And when tartar leads to plaque and affects the health of the gums, massaging is a great way to ease the inflammation as well as to stimulate blood flow and rejuvenate the gums to keep them healthy. Whether swollen or not, dental experts recommend massaging the gums daily and making it part of your everyday oral hygiene.

Benefits of Using Electric Toothbrushes

Since it has been proven that electric toothbrushes yield better results as compared to regular toothbrushes, it is also important to know the proper usage in cleaning the mouth and massaging the gums. Here are a few pointers on how to massage gums with electric toothbrush:

  • Start off by applying just a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush. The reason why you only apply a small amount unlike those that are shown in toothpaste commercials is because it’s not really the toothpaste that does the cleaning. The main function of the fluoride in toothpastes is really to strengthen the teeth and freshen the breath. It is still the toothbrush that does all the cleaning.
  • The electric toothbrush has a gentle vibrating and pulsating feature that acts as a massager for the gums while you carry out the task of brushing your teeth. So once you’ve started brushing, you’re also doing your gums a favor. You start off by doing a sweeping motion up against the gum line and also on the tooth surface. Set it there for a few seconds before moving it slowly to the next tooth.
  • Make sure to brush the inner and outer surface of your teeth while gently including your gums without adding too much pressure on the gums.
  • Use small gentle circular strokes while brushing the outer teeth and the gum line. Avoid using scrubbing strokes.
  • Maintain a 45-degree angle on the teeth toward your gums as you gently sweep your teeth in a circular motion.
  • Finally, be sure to brush and massage the upper and the lower case of your mouth.

Shopping for an Electric Toothbrush

As for which electric toothbrush should you get, there are over a thousand brands and varieties that you can choose from in the market with prices ranging from $15-$200. A lot of them features options like a timer, massager, sensitive mode, and battery operated or rechargeable. Read our review to know which 5 best toothbrushes that we recommend.

Electric toothbrushes make oral hygiene a lot easier in getting rid of tartar and plaque more effectively. The gums need some massage therapy, too. Prevention is indeed better than cure, so make it a habit to have a healthy oral hygiene. It is best not to wait until gum disease completely sabotages your smile.

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